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Davey Packaged VM-VSD

Davey Packaged VM-VSD

Davey VM-VSD packaged water pressure system is a single pump system that can provide constant pressure, constant level or constant flow. The inbuilt variable speed drive allows the system to vary according to demand helping to reduce running costs. The system uses a simple text based user interface making set up and system adjustments simple. The programmable controller allows for multiple pump protection features, a fully adaptable menu system and programmable I/O for remote control indication functions. Telemetry options are also available. 

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Davey R-VM Packaged WPS

Davey R-VM Packaged WPS

Davey R-VM are a packaged water pressure system using a single speed VM vertical multistage pump, with an adjustable pressure switch, and choice of pressure tank. The systems are supplied with inlet & outlet manifold, pressure gauge, check and isolation valves all mounted on a common base plate. A control box is supplied with Auto, Off and Manual control. A loss-of-prime version is available using a flow switch, which protects the pump in no-flow situations.

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Grundfos Hydro MPC

Grundfos Hydro MPC

The Grundfos Hydro MPC booster systems are made to the very highest standards. Thanks to the CU 351 controller, they handle even the most difficult boosting jobs with ease and accuracy. All components have been combined with focus on quality and efficiency. The Grundfos Hydro MPC booster systems are designed to last: sturdy, compact units with easy access to all service parts. Grundfos Hydro MPC booster systems can be used wherever additional pressure is required. Each booster model has been designed to meet specific customer demands for capacity and control.

The intelligent cascade control ensures that the optimum number of pumps required to meet the demand runs at any time. Together with the CR with IE3 motors, this makes the Hydro MPC the most energy-efficient solution for maintaining a constant pressure during changing flow demands.


  • Offices
  • schools
  • hotels
  • blocks of flats
  • irrigation systems
  • industry
  • municipal supply systems.

Features and benefits

  • Reliable
  • highly efficient
  • service-friendly
  • space-saving
  • easy to commission
  • low-flow detection
  • application-optimised software
  • BUS and Ethernet communication option
  • large, clear displaymenus in plain text.
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Grundfos Multi E

Grundfos Multi E

The Grundfos Hydro Multi-E is a compact, reliable, energy efficient, constant pressure booster system ideal for as a water pressure system in apartments, multi-story buildings, schools, hospitals and irrigation. The Hydro Multi-E has a unique control system, with each pump IE5 motor communicating to the other, without the need for a conventunal control unit. The system features a simple user interface. The CRE pump combined with the IE5 50/60hz motor provides the variable speed functionality with energy efficiency that exceeds NEMA premium efficiency levels.


  • Domestic water pressure boosting
  • Multistory buildings, such as apartment buildings, small hospitals, and hotels
  • Large homes
  • Rural areas requiring pressure boosting
  • Anywhere redundant pumping is required


  • Simple to use via the user friendly controller
  • Energy efficient motor technology
  • Compact and easy to retrofit
  • Quiet operation
  • Stainless Steel manifolds
  • Protects the overall system from costly breakdowns
  • Connects into most BMS systems
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Grundfos Scala 2

Grundfos Scala 2

GRUNDFOS SCALA2 is a robust, composite, variable speed pump that adjusts performance according to water demand, providing constant pressure to all taps. The fully integrated pump includes a motor, tank, sensor, drive and non-return valve in one compact unit that is quick and easy to install. SCALA2 is self-priming, allowing for use from both above and below ground water sources and the water-cooled motor ensures quiet operation.


  • Household water supply
  • Pressure boosting from above ground rainwater or holding tanks
  • Pressure boosting from below ground water sources - eg. below ground tank or dam
  • Mains boosting

Features & Benefits

Variable Speed: The pump adjusts performance according to water demand, providing constant pressure to all taps regardless of variations in demand or inlet pressure.

Special Motor: The water cooled 240 volt variable speed motor is quiet and efficient. It has a wide 150-400 VAC tolerance, which is vital in areas with a poor power supply.

Self-Priming: Ideal for pressurising water from above or below ground water sources with a suction lift of up to 8 metres and self-priming up to 4 metres.

Energy Efficient: The pump features a permanent magnet motor to help reduce power consumption while the frequency controller matches the power consumption with the required water output, also helping to conserve energy and reduce energy bills.

Simple Selection: One model to suit most domestic applications makes selection easy.

User Friendly: The easy-to-use control panel features LED indicators displaying power status, pressure setting and alarm indicator lights.

Protective Functions: Inbuilt dry-run protection, anti-cycling alarm, auto-reset and maximum continuous operation time (30 mins).

Easy Installation: Quick and easy installation in just three steps; connect the pipes, prime the pump and plug into the power outlet.


Integrated NRV: No additional non-return valve required.

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