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Bermad 100 Series valve

Bermad 100 Series valve

100 series high performance plastic valves respond to the latest water system designs & requirements for Medium Pressure Industrial flow-control applications, and can be supplied in Hydraulic, Electric, Pressure/Sustaining, Pressure/Reducing or a combination of these valve types.

  • Ultra-high flow capacity with minimal pressure loss.
  • Positively guided valve plug assembly provides accurate motion & smooth regulation, without causing ‘water hammer’
  • Durable industrial grade valve design and construction, uses glass-filled (GF) Nylon material to meet rough service conditions
  • Excellent on a wide range of pressure & flow conditions, from drip to wide-open maximum flow. No minimum ‘low-flow’ limitations.
  • Versatile end-connections,for various system designs. (3”threaded & flanged, 4”threaded, PVC pipe adapters or Combinations) 
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Bermad 400 Series Valves

Bermad 400 Series Valves

Bermad 400 Series Hydraulic Diaphragm Control Valves represent the leading edge of control valve technology. This diaphragm-actuated family of valves blends simple, dependable construction with superior performance for a variety of water control applications in irrigation and waterworks systems. The diaphragm performs equally well under all service conditions, maintains perfect balance without distortion from uneven hydraulic forces, and is totally immune to pressure surges. The Hydraulic Control Valve is designed to open and close drip-tight in response to a hydraulic remote command/or local command. The standard valve is supplied with a 4-way ball valve that selects positions between open, close, or auto.

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Bermad 700 Series Valves

Bermad 700 Series Valves

The Model 700/705 Basic Hydraulic Valve is a diaphragm- actuated, hydraulically-operated, globe valve in either the oblique (Y) or angle pattern design. The Model 700 Basic Valve operation is independent of valve differential pressure. The double-chambered diaphragm actuator is always subjected to full differential pressure to develop maximum power and to respond immediately. The upper control-chamber is pressurized to close and vented to open the valve. The lower control-chamber usually is vented to the atmosphere, but can be pressurized to power the valve open. The Model 705 Basic Valve uses differential pressure to power the diaphragm actuator open or closed. The lower control- chamber is exposed to the downstream pressure, that serves to cushion the closing of the valve, through a fixed orifice connected to the downstream side of the valve. The pressure in the upper control-chamber varies, usually resulting from the combined action of a regulating pilot and a fixed orifice. This varying pressure modulates the valve to open or close. The Model 700/705 Basic Hydraulic Valve is available in a wide range of materials, sizes, pressure ratings, and end connections. Single or double-chambered versions are used as the main valve in all 700 Series applications.BERMAD 700 Series control valves provide a variety of individual and combined functions, such as:

  • Pressure reducing
  • Pressure relief & sustaining
  • Flow control
  • Level control
  • Pump control
  • Surge control
  • Solenoid control
  • Electronic control
  • Burst control
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Dorot Series 100 Valve

Dorot Series 100 Valve

The DOROT Series 100 is a direct sealing diaphragm control valve. The valve is operated by the pressure of the pipeline and is used for various control applications in water supply, fire fighting, industrial, sewage and irrigation systems. The only moving component is a reinforced diaphragm, which:

  • Drip tight seals the liquid passage in the closed valve
  • Allows free passage in the fully open valve with minimal obstruction to the flow line
  • Throttles the flow passage in the modulating valve, as dictated by the pressure in the control chamber

The valve can be closed or modulated using the line pressure or an external separate pressure source that is equal or higher than the line pressure. Dorot S-100 valves are made for easy, inline maintenance, executed also by unskilled personal using basic tools. There are no shafts, bearings or seals that may corrode and there is no wear and tear by dirty abrasive water or chemicals.

Features and benefits

  • Structural simplicity
  • Superb design featuring exceptionally low pressure losses at high flow rates
  • Can be used for regulating from no-flow to maximal flow with no need for additional throttling devices or by-pass valves
  • For natural liquids, sea water and industrial effluents
  • A wide selection of materials, coating and diaphragm types
  • All valve models fit a wide variety of control applications using Dorot pilot valves
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Dorot Series 300 Valve

Dorot Series 300 Valve

DOROT’S 300 Series valve is the latest line of state-of-the-art globe type automatic control valves. They are designed to withstand even the most demanding requirements of water system control. 

Features of the 300 Series

  • The capability to regulate near zero flow, as standard on all sizes, completely eliminating the need for a special low flow device (throttling plug) or a low flow bypass valve, while ensuring very low head loss in “fully open” position.
  • The flange (face-to-face) dimensions suit ISO Standards. This allows for quick and easy replacement of old equipment, without the need for additional pipeline modifications.
  • The valve has an internal floating shaft, allowing for no friction or leakage, eliminating the need for shaft sealing. The unique design of the shaft provides for easy field maintenance.
  • The valve has a resilient seal disc, guided by an almost frictionless centering device.
  • The valve’s body is made of Ductile Iron, withstandingboth high hydraulic and mechanical stresses.
  • A standard single-chamber valve, enabling jam-free operation in sensitive regulation conditions. Whenrequired, conversion from a single to a double chambered valve is easily accomplished through the insertion of Dorot’s innovative separation disc, without the need to remove the valve from the pipeline during the conversion.
  • The valve is supplied with a replaceable seat, made of SST, which maintains excellent durability against erosion and ensuring a drip-tight seal.
  • During the closing procedure, the pace slows down, preventing any damage that may occur from water slam/surge.
  • The series includes, as an optional feature, a valve position indicator, attached by a floating connection (ball & socket), resulting in smooth movement, with no wear or tear on the indicator seal
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Dorot Series 75 Valve

Dorot Series 75 Valve

DOROT series 75 plastic valves are designed to control irrigation systems for crop fields, vineyards and orchards. This series boasts exceptional hydraulic characteristics enabling high flow rates, while operating at low head loss. A wide range of control functions allow designing and operating optimal irrigation networks.


  • Simple structure
  • Superb hydraulic performance - unmatched high flow capacity
  • Durable, corrosion free materials
  • Unique clog-free labyrinth inlet in the electric 2-way valves
  • Optional check feature
  • Operates at a wide range of flow rates, from near zero to maximal flow
  • Electric 2-way or hydraulic / electric 3-way actuation
  • Optional flow control throttle handle
  • Simple & Easy maintenance
  • Suitable for Low pressure systems
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